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Those Are Daddy's Toys

Welcome to Those Are Daddy's Toys, a parenting podcast for everyone bringing up their own little wookies and princesses. 

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Feb 22, 2017

In which Kurt sits down with a fellow father to discuss the pros and cons of raising two little ones in the city. Not just any city, New York City.

Terrance grew up in NYC before it was Disneyfied, and now as a Father, he has conflicting feelings about the New York of old compared to the safer version that exists now. He gets real with Kurt about the challenges city life presents, from space to rent to that dude on the corner...

They also talk about the wonderful cultural influences and unique exploring advantages a city provides him as a parent. He ponders life living somewhere else, but realizes that only in the city can he get anything he wants at three in the morning.

For suburban dads to city dads, you'll find through this conversation that we're all in this together.